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The Unique Roofs of the World

A building without a roof is incomplete. The roof is found at the top of the building and offers a cover to our heads. The roof also protects wild animals, unfavorable weather such as rain, wind, hail and snow, fire and biting insects from getting into the house. The primary materials used in roofing are concrete, wood, bricks and glass.
Roofs are also made of different designs. Roofing experts and engineers are always looking for new roofing ways. Although many of the roofs are unique, some of them are outstanding. Below are some roofs which were built by creative engineers.

The Torajan roof was designed by an outstanding engineer. The Torajan roof has an exceptional shape. The Torajan roof is boat-shaped. The Torajan roof falls at the midpoints and rises at the ends. We can’t joke about the Torajan roof since it was built in cultural design. This site has detailed info about Torajan roof.

La Pedrera roof was also designed by a creative engineer. La Pedrera is very famous because of its weirdness. 1906 is the year when the building was commissioned when the more fortunate used to build big and prestigious houses. La Pedrera roof was designed by Antoni Gaudi. The roof has too many windows and some figures which appear to be defending the building.

The roof of California Academy of Sciences was created by an experienced engineer. On the roof, there are human-made hills and glass. The roof is environmentally friendly and offers habitat to a lot of animals and plants. On the roof, there are some holes covered with glass which pass sunlight to a rainforest.

The other must-see weird roof is Leaf House in Brazil. The Leaf House has a roof which looks like a six-pointed star. The sides of Leaf House look like big leaves. You need to see the roof to identify more features since art is better seen than explained.

Acros roof which is in Japan is an outstanding roof in the world. On the roof of this attractive building, there are plants which grow on the roof stepped roof. The designer behind Acros was Ambasz, and the owner is Japanese Government. The Japanese government was reluctant in approving this building since the proposed site was a park but Ambasz increased the size of the park as this website states.

Casa Batllo Gaudi is another weird roof you need to see. Antoni Gaudi is behind the creation of this roof. In the late 1800s, Gaudi’s teacher built this building but in 1904, Gaudi improved the structure instead of demolishing it as he was directed.