It is Going to Be Great Living Here

Ever since leaving home when I was 18, I have always lived on my own. I did not have the best upbringing, and it is just really hard for me to trust others when the two people who were supposed to always be there for me from the start of my life never were. When I accepted a new job, I knew that it meant I would have to move. I quickly did a search for luxury apartments for rent in Decatur GA. Just because I live on my own and don’t really associate with a lot of people, that did not mean that I did not want to live comfortably.

I have worked hard all my life, and I don’t mind enjoying the fruits of my labor. That is why I decided to move to Green Park. I am not a brooding person. I may be private, but I still enjoy being around others. I just don’t let many into my inner circle. That is why I wanted a one bedroom unit along with things like a nice swimming pool and a fitness center. I am by no means a hermit, and I knew that I would enjoy getting to know others on a casual level.

I was able to find a great apartment that is perfect for me. It has a single bedroom along with a bathroom that I can access both from my bedroom as well as from the dining room. This is nice for those rare times I do have guests over for a meal or a game on TV. Another thing that I really like about it is the laundry room by the kitchen. This is not a closet where I can’t fit anything in there. It is an actual laundry room with plenty of room. This is going to be great living here.